EASYLOCK Low Profile

EASYLOCK Low Profile Mount

Take Less and Film More

  • Easy Locking Design
    Easy Locking Design
  • Head Connection
    Head Connection
  • Quick Wrench
    Quick Wrench
  • Perfect With The Micro 2 Rail Sliders

    Achieve low-angle shooting while maintaining the Micro 2's double sliding distance

    See The World From A Lower-Angle

    Making dull scenes fresher and more vivid

    Dual positioning for a tight connection

    By positioning beans and double set screws
    for a tighter fix of the two

    Locking Screw

    Unscrew the locking screw and open the supporting leg
    to easily take out the quick-release board

    Hidden Wrench

    The hidden wrench solves the problem of having to bring adjusting tools with you as with some older products.Use it to adjust the 4 double set screws on the quick-release plate

    Foldable Support Legs

    Extend the legs when in use and fold them away afterwards.
    Increasing the amount of space saved while remaining convenient to carry around.

    Foldable Support Legs

    Limit Structure Design
    120 degree maximum opening angle

    Adjust the length of the support leg by rotating
    To achieve the best balance on uneven ground

    Perfect Compatibility

    The quick-release board is perfectly compatible with almost all quick-release boards on the market

    Double Setting Of The Quick-Release Plate And The Quick-Mount Plate

    There are 4 set screws on the quick-release plate which can be quickly locked into the screw chute by using a quick wrench

    Head Connection Mode

    You can to shoot from multiple angles as if the camera was supported by your arm.

    Installation Steps:

  • Position the quick-release plate onto the quick-mount plate on the head.
  • Connect the rail slider onto the Low Profile Mount.
  • Set the pan-tile head onto the rail slider.
  • Set the camera onto the pan-tile head.
  • Pod Connection Mode

    Quick switching between the Low Profile Mount and the pod using quick-release plate

    Floor Mode

    Achieve lower-angle shooting while maintaining a double sliding distance

    Easy Switching For Multiple Scenes

    Switch to pod mode or floor mode as needed saving more time for content creation

    One Set For All Beautiful Scenes

    product manual
    EASYLOCK manual 2021.03.08 download Online reading
    EASYLOCK manual 2021.03.08
    download Online reading